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I grew up in the small villages of Warwickshire, England and was very fortunate to experience many adventures among nearby farmlands, rivers, forts and woodlands. I loved to explore, to paint pictures of nature, study birds and create dens in the woods.

As my mother is Venezuelan I regularly visited her homeland and connected with a very different part of our world while learning quickly the challenges humanity faces as a whole such as access to education, sustainability and poverty.

Living and working overseas for the last eight years has made my world increasingly small. I continue to love learning about life and observing how we relate to one another, to nature and to our being.

Photography is a way in which I am able to share my on-going passion and life adventures with friends and family on intimate occasions out in nature, weddings, charity events or in the candidly raw immersion of the unknown.

I travel all over the world for various projects and expeditions. If you'd like to engage with me to document some of life's potent experiences too, please get in touch through the contact link below.

I am also founder of The Shanti Space and facilitate holistic spaces while tweeting every now and then.
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